20% off Growler Fills!!

Labor Day weekend is coming up and you know what that means, it’s growler sale time! Enjoy 20% off growler fills now through Sunday, September 3rd!

What’s a growler? It is a 64 ounce reusable and refillable glass bottle used to transport fresh beer from the tap at our brewery. We fill it with the brew of your choice then seal it up. You then take it on a journey to your location to share, hoard, or keep to enjoy.  After bottling in our brewery the beer remains fresh for about a week, but after opening, the beer should be consumed within a few days to preserve it’s quality and overall experience.

You can pick up a growler with our Farmington Brewing Company logo and get a matching 32 ounce howler while you’re at it (sorry, 20% fill discount does not apply to howlers). You can fill up a growler with one of our beers on tap.

A growler offers endless craft beer possibilities. They are perfect for sharing and trying a few different brews at once. You can take one or two to a friend’s house to share your favorite FBC brews.

We love our own FBC logo howlers and growlers but we also fill any of your own that you bring in.  So come in to pick one up or bring your own to fill today! We’re open every day of the week except Mondays.